Snow Report        Last Updated: Monday, Mar 17, 2014, 10:21 am

November 23, 2014
Current Conditions Slope Access
New Snow Last 7 Days - 0" 0 of 19 Trails Open
New Snow Last 24 Hours - 0" 0 of 3 Chairlifts Open
Snow Base (Lo/Hi) - 12"/60" 0 of 1 Rope Tow Open

Closed for the season. Thanks for a great 2013-2014!!!!

Trail Status
Easiest Beginner
Applebottom Closed
Mileaway Closed
Beginner Area Closed

Easiest Intermediate
Ahnna's Dive Closed
Midway Closed
Aug's Access Closed
Spotlight Closed
Call It Quits Closed
Thunderation Closed
Crosscut Closed
White House Run Closed

Easiest Advanced
Damnation Closed
Redemption Closed
Salvation Closed
Terrain Park Closed


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